New Workout Plan and OWWW my Mouth is Burning!

It’s a new week! I’m excited to get back to work and more of a routine, but I had such a good weekend.

We slept in a bit at my mom’s yesterday morning and I woke up feeling pretty disgusting and bloated from all the snacking I did on Saturday night, so first thing I wanted to do was get a good sweat. My mom has a contraption for her road bike to make it stay still so she can use it as a stationary bike in her basement. I thought I’d try that out and see if it caused my foot any pain:


It didn’t! I was able to do a full 30-minute biking workout. I listened to Spotify and created my own sort of spin class – higher gear/speed during the chorus of songs, and lower gear/speed during the rest. It flew by and it felt AMAZING to drip sweat. It’d been exactly two weeks since I had that feeling.

After my bike workout I did my floor workout I’ve been doing every day this week (and my boyfriend joined!). So I got a solid hour-long workout in. Then the bf took Fletcher on a hike and brought us back Dunks iced coffees. I had that and a double chocolate chunk Quest bar for “brunch”, since it was already around noon by then.

We left my mom’s soon after and went to Trader Joe’s to stock up on our weekly goods. I didn’t have time to make a meal plan for the week, so I kind of just planned in my head as I was shopping – hopefully it works out. TJ’s had so many different types of kombucha so I decided to buy one of each and do taste tests and pick a favorite this week.


For dinner I made a simple Sriracha bowl with baby spinach, Sriracha-marinated tofu, a sweet potato, and Sriracha drizzled on top. My mouth was burning for about 20 minutes after I finished…


I also drank about 15 cups of water because I was thirsty and bloated from Saturday night’s indulgences. I feel like I properly detoxed my body, and I’m ready for a healthy week ahead!

The exciting update I mentioned in yesterday’s post is… I joined a gym! I joined the Boston Sports Club that’s a five-minute walk away from my apartment, and I’m probably just going to do a month-long membership (because I get the boot off in a month). Now that I know that biking doesn’t bother my foot, I’m going to use the bikes at the gym, along with the elliptical, free weights, medicine balls, and the arm bike (lol… not kidding though). By the way, I put my ClassPass account on hold for the month because I can’t really participate in any classes. Sad day 😦 .

But I’m so excited for the gym!! Plus I love just going on a machine and listening to music/a podcast and zoning out. Here’s my workout plan for this week (of course I will modify/stop if something is hurting my foot):

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 30 minutes on bike, arms/butt routine
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – 30 minutes on elliptical, abs/legs routine
  • Sunday – rest!

Here’s my arms/butt routine:


And here’s my abs/legs routine:



I hope you have a great start to your week, and see you tomorrow morning!

Do you make a workout plan for the week, or do you just do your workouts on a whim?

What about meals – do you plan your meals or eat whatever you’re feeling throughout the week?

❤ Marina



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