Friday Weigh-In and a Vegan Dessert!

Hey guys! Happy Saturday 🙂 best day ever.

I started my day yesterday with my Friday weigh-in! And guess what… I lost about a half pound, haha. It’s crazy that I’ve been able to make progress with a broken foot, but I really feel like I’m learning a lot about fitness/wellness/my body through this experience. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t want to lose a lot of weight, so a half pound progress is fine by me 🙂 . My goal is to continue to be super healthy this weekend, and I’d love to lose another half pound by next Friday.

After weighing in (which takes a while because of the boot) I left for a dentist appointment and then a dermatologist appointment (just checkups); my sweet boyfriend drove me to both. We picked up coffee from Caffe Nero and ate Quest bars on the road. I was feeling shaky/hyper from that coffee until midday… it’s so strong but so good.


I went straight to the gym after my appointments, where I did a 30-minute hill program on the bike which killed me, then my arms and butt routines. I grabbed a sweetgreen salad for lunch on my way home, with baby spinach, corn, cucumber, beet, sprouts, sesame tofu, and lemon squeezed on top. I ate this as soon as I stepped boot in my apartment.


Then I spent the rest of the afternoon working. I had a lot to get done, but took a couple of breaks for a charcoal face mask and a Fage.


After work, my boyfriend and I went to a dinner party at another couple’s apartment. We have monthly dinners with this couple, the guy’s brother and his girlfriend, and my sister and her boyfriend (does that even make sense??) – we’ve known this family since birth so these monthly hangouts are really special 🙂 .

We started the night with amazing, fresh mojitos on their roof deck.


My bf muddling the mint 🙂


And for dinner we had falafel and pita with a chopped cucumber and tomato salad and tzatziki! It was seriously incredible – they’re such good cooks.


After dinner we played salad bowl while drinking lots of wine and snacking on these vegan dark chocolate/almond butter treats I brought over. I kind of just found whatever I could in my kitchen and put together this dessert!


For the bottom layer I mixed a ton of Justin’s almond butter with a little maple syrup (to make it thinner/stickier (I wanted to use dates but didn’t have any)) and some coconut flour (about a 1/3 cup). I pressed that into the bottom of a pan and then for the top layer I melted vegan dark chocolate with some more almond butter. I poured that on top of the bottom layer, and stuck it in the freezer for about an hour!


So so yummy. As I’ve mentioned, I’m slowly trying to eat more and more vegan. Making fun desserts like this is a great way for me to treat myself while sticking to this goal!

I had such a fun Friday night – it was really nice to let loose and hang out with some of my favorite people. I did feel that I drank and ate a little too much though… so I’m going to use the rest of this weekend to stick to my goals and keep things super healthy. Who’s with me??

This morning I’m headed to the gym for my Saturday sweat sesh. Hope you have a great day!

What are some of your fitness goals, whether they’re weight-related or not?

Any fav vegan recipes to share??

Random question: what gym bag do you use? I’ve been using my Longchamp backpack but I feel like it’s too nice for the gym haha. Considering buying this!

❤ Marina


12 thoughts on “Friday Weigh-In and a Vegan Dessert!

  1. Yum I love Fage yogurt! My husband accidentally got me Chobani this week, which is fine but not the same. That’s awesome you’re staying so active and doing so well with your foot! Have a great weekend 🙂

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  2. It sounds like a fun Friday night to me! The dessert you made looks SO good. I think I’m going to have to find an occasion to make them. That’s awesome you’re able to make progress on your goal while having a broken foot!
    I hope you get a good sweat session in today and enjoy the rest of your Saturday 🙂

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