Day 3 with a Little Hangover

Hiya, happy Monday!!

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. Mine was great but felt way too short. It’s okay, only five more days ’til the next one…

We slept in a bit yesterday since we stayed out pretty late Saturday night. When we woke up, we headed to Whole Foods because my boyfriend was craving cereal and we ran out. We also stocked up on seltzer cans and other random goodies.

Then I headed to the gym. One hour on the elliptical donezo while watching The Hangover. I had a little hangover so it was sort of appropriate 😉 . Then I stretched and met my boyfriend at Dunkin’.


Our next stop was GNC to stock up on my favorite Questies. My boyfriend picked up some of these Quest chips – has anyone tried them? I’m skeptical…


When I got home I had a White Chocolate Raspberry Quest Bar. All the chunks.


Then I showered, chilled, and did my meal planning for the week. Soon after, we headed out to run some more errands and do our weekly grocery trip. We didn’t get home until around 5:00, so yet again I was out and about all day and didn’t bring food/have time to eat what I had planned. As soon as we got home, I cooked up a quick dinner of sesame ginger tofu, lots of brussels sprouts, and Sriracha.


We went on a post-din walk through a park in our neighborhood because it was beautiful out. My boyfriend picked up an ice cream cone for the walk, but I somehow didn’t get one. Self control!

Then we headed to our friends’ apartment to watch Game of Thrones.


Our friends just got engaged so we brought over some champagne and chatted about the proposal for a while. Such a cute story 🙂 I love them and am so happy for them!!


Here’s my step count from yesterday:


So as you can see, I didn’t completely follow my plan for yesterday:

Workout: 60 minutes elliptical and 10,000 steps
Breakfast: iced coffee and Quest Bar
Lunch: salad
Snacks: yogurt and kombucha
Dinner: tofu and brussels sprouts bowl
Water: 12 cups

Like Saturday, I was out and about most of the day and ate a lot less than I had planned. That’s okay though – I never felt too hungry. Definitely a successful day 🙂 and a successful weekend! This weekend has shown me that making a plan and taking things one day at a time really helps me to stay focused and stick to my goals. I also learned that I really don’t need to be snacking to feel satisfied. I feel like I’m out of my funk and I’m definitely going to keep up this mindset this week! And expect a weight update in Saturday’s post 🙂 (I forgot to weigh myself this week). Also expect a foot update! I have an appointment Friday morning so I will *hopefully* be saying goodbye to da boot.

I hope you have a great Monday!

Tell me your or a friend’s proposal story!! I love hearing these.

Have you tried protein chips? What do you think?

❤ Marina


15 thoughts on “Day 3 with a Little Hangover

  1. What did you think about last night’s episode?! I really liked it but was shocked at how short it was.
    Seems like another good day! Next time you go out, you should try putting a snack in your bag just in case. I always like to have something just in case I’m out longer than anticipated and this way I can make a healthier choice.
    Have a great day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was CRAZY! And yeah, too short – I’ve heard so many people today complaining about how short it was! No fair haha.
      And that’s a great idea – I’m definitely going to bring some snacks with me next time I’m out all day.
      Have a great Monday 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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