Good morning!

Ugh yesterday was a rough day. I don’t have much to write about because work has been so busy lately and I haven’t been able to focus on much else. But of course I wanted to check in with you guys!

I woke up yesterday morning and got my Wednesday workout in: 30 minutes on the bike (I did a hill climb program), arms, and butt.

Then I headed to work and had my usual Starbucks Blonde roast and a Cookies and Cream Quest Bar.


I had meetings literally all day with a short lunch break, when I was able to shove this salad in my mouth. It was actually the best combo ever, though – spring mix, an avocado, carrots, a ton of super ripe strawberries, and a light balsamic dressing.


Then the rest of the afternoon was spent in a frantic whirlwind of meetings and stress. I had an apple around 3:00, and then around 4:30 I was starving and knew I had to stay at the office for a while. I saw some leftover meeting food laying out in the kitchen and made a little bowl of pasta salad… then I found some trail mix and other random things around the office and mindlessly snacked until I left for the day, UGH.


My office has the best trail mix ever. So dangerous.

It was also one of our summer intern’s last day today, so it was sad saying goodbye! She was awesome. I love having summer interns… I’m really going to miss them.

So after that frantic workday I finally left and took the subway home. I was planning on making some sort of yummy treat when I got back because I haven’t done that in a while (and experimental vegan baking is becoming quite a passion of mine) but as soon as I got home all I wanted to do was just chill. Same thing as yesterday. When I completely exert myself for eight plus hours straight at work, I have trouble continuing the exertion throughout the night. So couch and TV night for me. I didn’t even feel up for making dinner.


I have a feeling today and tomorrow are going to be just as stressful; I have some pretty important meetings for which I’ve been preparing for weeks. My goal for today and tomorrow is to NOT stress eat/start mindlessly snacking. Doing that will not help with anything. Whenever I feel the urge, I am going to take some deep breaths and think about the fact that most of my stress will be gone come Friday night.

Sorry for all the venting. Expect some more interesting, vegan-dessert filled posts in the near future. But for now I’ve got to… 

Do you ever stress eat? Any tips to share with me to NOT do it?

Tell me something good about your day/week please!

❤ Marina



26 thoughts on “*SIGH*

  1. Girl! Don’t let the stress get to you (easier said than done I know). The week will be over soon and then the stressful days will be behind you. When I feel myself stress eating, I try to take my eyes off of food. This might sound weird but my apartment is open concept (kinda) so I can see the kitchen from my couch. I always have a water bottle with a straw so I fill it and sip while doing literally everything. Also when I snack, I get a portion and put it in a napkin/plate/bowl/hand whatever then only let myself eat that.
    One good thing about my week is I’ve hit all of my paces on my runs so far which is nice since I failed on them twice last week.

    Have a great day 🙂

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    • Thanks so much! And those are some great tips. I know these next couple of days are going to be just as stressful so I’m gonna be better than I was yesterday!
      And congrats on hitting all of your paces – so cool! Hope you have a great day too, Maureen 🙂

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  2. Yeah I stress eat sometimes and it helps me to think “am I actually hungry or just stressed” If I would eat baby carrots then I know I’m hungry, but if I want something sweet/salty then I know it’s just stress.

    Maybe plan a fun post-work thing for Friday that you can look forward to these next two days! So close!!

    Also that trail mix looks amazing……

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  3. Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough day! I always bring tons of raw veggies and fruits to snack on when I need something but don’t want to fill up on junk

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  4. Sorry you’re having a rough week! The book I used for my health coach certification talks about how willpower is a limited resource and even more limited during times of stress. So do whatever you can to make the healthier choice easier. Pack a whole bunch of veggies or Quest bars to snack on. If you know there’s junk food in the break room, avoid going in there. But above all, remember to breathe, rest, and take care of yourself!

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  5. Sorry to hear you had a rough day 😦 Hope it slows down and becomes less stressful soon!
    As for stress eating, I chew gum a lot if I don’t want to mindlessly snack, or I just don’t have the snack food around! I typically don’t eat if I’m stressed, I snack when I’m bored – completely different problem!

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    • Thanks so much, Erinn ❤ today's been better/no stress eating!!
      Those are great tips – I don't usually eat when I'm stressed but sometimes it happens… (definitely get the bored eating thing, though!)


  6. I have such trouble with stress eating! I find portioning things out beforehand and meal prepping helps me stay on top of cravings.
    This week is my birthday week and it’s been so nice to hear from all my friends and family members that live far away:)

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  7. Hi Marina! I’m sorry to hear you had a tough day. Days like this will always makes us appreciate good days even more:)

    Something good about my week is the race I ran on Monday, I’m seriously so happy I did it!

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  8. Oh girl, I HEAR you on this post. Those days suck. But hopefully your weekend is better and you get some rest 🙂 I definitely stress eat sometimes! Sometimes I think it’s OK. Sometimes carrying gum helps me! Or just carry some healthier options and give yourself some grace 🙂

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  9. It’s been a stressful week for me as well. Meetings and trainings as we prepare for students to come back to campus. I am guilty of stress eating…always have been a compulsive eater. A couple of things that help me is; prayer and meditation in the morning, making a promise to myself to be good to myself and eat healthy, and to be honest chewing gum helps me quite a bit. The struggle is real and it’s journey that many are traveling. Great post!

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