Hey hey!!!

I woke up yesterday morning (at 5:00 am) and decided to weigh myself since I haven’t done that in a couple of weeks. And I haven’t lost/gained any lbs since last weigh-in! I stayed just about the same, and I’m totally okay with that. BUT since I’m going on vacation in Spain in just about two weeks, I think I’d like to lose just about two more pounds before then 🙂 . Expect another weigh-in a week from today!

Then I headed to the gym. I felt like the elliptical again so I did an hour on the elliptical. I somehow had a ton of energy at 5:30 am and was able to push really hard. 700 calories burned woot woot.


Then I stretched a bit, went home and showered, and my boyfriend kindly drove me to my orthopedic surgeon appointment. My mom (best mom in the world) met me there and hung out with me through my X-ray and consultation with the doc. The doctor showed me my X-rays and said that my healing has been absolutely perfect and that I am ready to DITCH THE BOOOOOOT.


He said I can literally do anything now, but advised that I maybe shouldn’t run a marathon tomorrow. I think I’m okay with that. Walking feels THE WEIRDEST and my calf muscle has shrunken to a skinny little noodle. But that’s okay – I will get back to normal soon! I’m just so so so happy that I don’t have to wear that boot 24/7 and sleep in it! (I haven’t gotten a good night of sleep in 1.5 months.)

I might still wear the boot at the gym for another week or so. I don’t feel completely comfortable exerting a lot of energy/force with my regular shoe quite yet. I am also going to create a new workout plan (possibly including some yoga classes) soon, so stay tuned for that. But for now, I’m going to go to the gym and do whatever I feel like that day. I’ll continue to include all my workouts here!

My mom drove me straight to work after my appointment, and I grabbed Starbucks before heading into the office.


I felt like a celebrity walking to my desk; everyone was ecstatic about the fact that I had a shoe on instead of my boot, and it made me so happy to see how much my coworkers notice/care 🙂 .

I had to do some quick prep for another accessibility test so I didn’t have time to eat anything until noon-ish. I had a Banana Nut Muffin Quest Bar and then was able to get outside for a walk.


It was great to get some fresh air before an afternoon full of more tests, but my calf muscle completely cramped up on my walk. I was tempted to take a Lyft back to the office (because I was about 3/4 mile away) but I made it back. I think my calf just needs to get used to having a purpose again.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur, but I was able to take a break for a Pink Lady apple around 4:00.


And I left the office soon after. I headed to a hair appointment and got my hair “glazed” and got a trim. I absolutely love my hair dresser – we can chat forever. My appointment was a solid two hours long, so it’s a good thing we get along so well 😉 . And they have the best tea!


I got home around 7:30 and was absolutely starving so my boyfriend and I headed to our nearby sushi joint for some drinks and din.


I got white wine and the veggie combo with a sweet potato tempura roll, inari, and a veggie roll. So much food – I brought home some good leftovers!


Then we stopped by a friend’s apartment. He has a really cool roof deck so we hung out up there and talked for a few hours. It was a fun Friday night!

I hope you guys have a great day today!!

Have you ever worn a cast? How was it readjusting to normal life?

When was the last time you got your hair cut? And do you dye it or keep it au naturale? 

❤ Marina





12 thoughts on “GUESS. WHAT.

  1. Congrats on being able to take the boot off!! I broke my wrist when I was in 6th grade and after my cast I had a splint. So once the splint came off I was nervous of hurting my wrist again. Obviously it was completely healed at that point but still weird after spending 8 weeks with something protecting it.
    The last time I got my hair cut was end of April so I should probably make another appointment. I’ve never dyed my hair in the hopes that it would prolong gray hairs so hopefully it helps. What does it mean to glaze your hair? I’ve never heard that term before.
    Have a great day 🙂

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    • Thanks girl!! I am SO excited.

      That’s awesome that you don’t do anything to your hair! I go in every couple of months for a glaze to make it shiny/healthier – they coat your hair in the glaze and you wait about ten min and then they wash it out!
      Hope you’re having a great day 🙂

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  2. Yay that’s great your boot-free now! I’m sure you’ll be back to normal in no time, especially because you’ve kept the rest of your body so strong. And wow! I don’t think I’ve ever burned anywhere near that many calories on an elliptical. That’s impressive!

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  3. Yay for no more boot! That is awesome news! I lol’d at you saying your calf needs to get used to having a purpose again. You’re hilarious 🙂

    I had a cast on my nose after a car accident and taking it off was the best! I was so scared I would hit my nose on something, though!

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