One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila…

Hey guys! Happy Sunday. I hope you’ve been enjoying your weekend!

I slept in a bit yesterday and when I woke up I headed to the gym. One hour on the bike for me – I did an “aerobic” program while watching Superbad and it went by really fast. I decided to wear my boot for my workout and might keep doing this for the next week or two (my foot still feels a little sore). Then I grabbed Dunks and walked home.


I still had so much energy for some reason so I blasted some Craig David (throwback!) and deep cleaned the entire apartment. I like doing a deep clean once a month but it takes FOREVER! I cleaned for three hours straight.

Then I jumped in the shower and did a face mask. Self care FTW. And I realized I hadn’t eaten anything all day (it was 3:00 at that point) so I grabbed a Cinnamon Roll Quest Bar and went on a walk with my boyfriend.


We did some shopping and of course we had to pick up some David’s Tea. I got green passionfruit.


My cousin’s in town so I went out to dinner with him, my boyfriend, my sis, and her boyfriend. We sat outside and I got a glass of pinot grigio and a watermelon salad – YUM! It was great to catch up with the cuz.


Then we headed to my friend’s birthday party. I drank a little too much (starting with tequila shots is never a good idea) but it was so much fun!

I’m ready for a super healthy, detoxifying Sunday! Hope you guys have the best day.

How often do you deep clean your apartment/house? And do you like cleaning? I love it.

What’d you do last night?!

❤ Marina






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