Hey friends – happy hump day!

As usual, I woke up yesterday morning and headed to the gym. And guess who was biking next to me? My shoe-less friend from a few weeks ago. Hooray.


I did an hour-long “fat burner” program on the bike (15 miles woo!), and it felt great. My quads were throbbing by the end of the workout, so I did a nice, long stretch sesh.


I had my breakfast as soon as I got into the office: a mug of GOLEAN Cereal (heated up 😉 ) with my Starbucks coffee.


And for lunch I had a Fage Greek yogurt (with some stevia added to sweeten it up) and some baby carrots dipped in garlic hummus.


Then I took a little break from work and walked to a nearby mall to run some pre-vaca errands. I picked up a few No Cow Bars from GNC to bring on my trip, along with some new makeup and a travel-sized perfume from Sephora! I’m starting to get a little stressed about packing/prepping, but making my to-do lists has really helped.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working, and I got hungry around 3:30 so I had a Blueberry Cobbler Quest Hero Bar. I can’t get over how good these taste!


I left the office and headed to a pilates class at btone – the same studio I went to last Tuesday. It was sooo hard again, but I felt AMAZING after! I’m definitely going to incorporate this class into my schedule at least 1x/week.

I spent the rest of the evening doing some laundry, cleaning up the apartment, and PACKING! I took a break to make din: a sweet potato, onion, a veggie burger, lentils, and lots of cauliflower and broccoli. I’ve succeeded in eating almost everything that would go bad while I’m away!


I’m going to work for a half day today (I have a couple of important meetings in the morning), and then I’m heading out to finish preparing for the trip and then getting on a plane to Spain! I will be landing in Malaga around 2:00 pm (Spain time) tomorrow. I probably won’t post for the next several days, but I will try to check in if it’s possible/if I have some free time!!

I’ll miss you guys! I’ll be back the night of Saturday, September 9th.

Have you gone on a vacation lately? Where’d you go?!

Do you find that you get super stressed before trips?

❤ Marina



26 thoughts on “BYE!!!

  1. I hope you have an amazing trip!! Depending on the trip I can get stressed but I love making lists of things that have to get done and what needs to get packed. The last trip I took was to the Keys in Florida with my family. It was fun but crazy hot.

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  2. OMG. That guy at the gym. People do the weirdest things at the gym! I don’t get it.

    Those Hero bars are amazing, which reminds me I need to buy more before all of our travels. We’re going to Mexico this weekend, then Vegas, then “glamping” at the beach on the RV… and THEN Spain!

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