My Healthy Chipotle Order and Another Injury…

Hey guys, happy Tuesday! Thank you all SO much for your thoughtful, sweet comments on yesterday’s post. Frankie and I could not be more excited to be engaged!!

I woke up with no alarm at 5:45 yesterday morning. Woo European jet lag! I headed straight to the gym and did an hour on the elliptical then stretched. The top of my right foot at the base of my second toe has been hurting a lot since Spain – I’m guessing I have a minor stress fracture from walking so much on vaca 😦 . My foot went from zero movement (when it was broken and in a boot) to going on long, super steep hikes – I should have built things back up more gradually. My plan is to only do activities that don’t hurt my foot, so no running/barre/btone for a little bit. Wahhhh.

Anyways… I showered and headed to work, and picked up Starbucks on the way. I sipped on my coffee and had some Kashi GOLEAN cereal with strawberries and vanilla almond milk for brekkie. Yum yum – I sure missed my desk breakfasts!


It felt so weird being back at work! But so good. I missed being productive. And my coworkers were all so congratulatory about my engagement – I got lots of cards and hugs 🙂 .

I had a lunch meeting and all that was served was pizza, so I decided to have some self control and hold off on eating until after the meeting. I’ve had enough cheese and bread these past couple of weeks… So after the meeting, I picked up a Chipotle salad with romaine, Sofritas, fajita veggies, and fresh tomato salsa. I ate outside while reading for a bit – I think going outside/getting away for lunch is so important!


I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on lots of emails and work, and I still have a lot to catch up on today. While working, I snacked on a Dark Raspberry Truffle No Cow Bar.


And at 4:00 I went to my company’s yoga class! It felt great to take a break from my desk to flow and stretch. Then I headed home and cracked open a Health-Ade Pink Lady Apple booch.


And cooked up a super simple dinner: Sriracha tofu, a sweet potato, and green beans. I’ve missed sweet potatoes so much.


I spent the rest of the evening unpacking and catching up on Bachelor in Paradise. My kinda Monday.

I hope you guys have had a great start to your week! See you bright and early tomorrow.

What’d you have for breakfast this morning? What’s your go-to fall breakfast? 

Have you ever gotten an injury from having another injury?

❤ Marina



25 thoughts on “My Healthy Chipotle Order and Another Injury…

  1. You should try wearing your boot around the house (and maybe the office) to give your foot a break. I’m not a doctor so I don’t know if it would help but I feel like it could haha. My go to cold weather breakfast is oatmeal. Warm and filling plus easy!

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  2. Sorry you are injured again!! Jetlag is real…
    What are you thinking of Bachelor in Paradise – train wreck! I can’t look away haha
    I had a cereal bar and yogurt – I pretty much have the same breakfast everyday!
    Enjoy your day 🙂

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  3. So sorry about your injury! That’s no fun! I have definitely gotten little injuries from compensating or healing from a bigger one. It’s like one thing after another!

    You have inspired me to get outside for lunch or dinner and read! Gotta soak up the last of the warmth and sunshine of summer!

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