FINALLY My Favorite Weather!!

Hi friends! Happy Thursday.

I didn’t get to bed until around 11:30 on Tuesday night (so late for me πŸ˜‰ ) so I decided to sleep in a little yesterday morning instead of do a morning gym sesh. So I woke up and headed straight to the office.

I picked up a Dunks iced coffee with one pump of pumpkin syrup on my way in.


And had flax oatmeal with lots of strawberries mixed in for brekkie!


After my two morning meetings I took a gym break. I did an hour on the ArcTrainer while listening to Kaitlyn Bristowe’s “Off the Vine” podcast. So. Funny.


Not sure what I was watching on TV lol……

I showered at the gym, then got back to work. For lunch I had a big salad with a lettuce mix, baby carrots, a super ripe tomato, some avocado, and a light balsamic vinaigrette. I also had a Fage Greek yogurt for some protein.


At 4:00 I went to my company’s yoga class! It was super fast-paced today and it was fun to flow alongside my new team member πŸ™‚ . After class I snacked on a Vanilla Almond Crunch Questie.


And then I walked home. It was my FAVORITE weather in Boston last night – overcast and high 50’s.


I also made a stop at the library to pick up my new book club book! When I got home, I sipped on half a Gingerade booch.


And made a very comforting zucchini pasta for dins! It was so quick and simple, and exactly what I was craving; whole grain penne, steamed mini zucchinis, and a little vegan butter and parmesan!


Then Frankie and I caught up on “This is Us” while drinking pumpkin beer and snacking on some Halo Top. Not much else going on over here – it was a quiet hump day. Hope you guys have been having a great week – almost to the weekend!!

What is your absolute favorite weather??

Pizza or pasta?

❀ Marina


21 thoughts on “FINALLY My Favorite Weather!!

  1. For some reason I only just made the connection that you’re also a bostonian:) SO GLAD THE HEAT AND HUMIDITY IS GONE!! This fall weather is so, so perfect.
    Also, I need tot ry that quest bar flavor! I’m partial to banana bread, but that looks so awesome.

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