Vegan Pumpkin Apple Muffins and the BEST Night of My Life!

Happy Sunday peeps! Hope you guys have been having a wonderful weekend. Mine has been great but SO busy – excited to chill a little more today.

I woke up at like 5:00 am yesterday because I am weird and can’t sleep in lately, especially when I have a couple of glasses of wine the night before… Frankie, his mom, and I went to a 60-minute Soulcycle class at 9:30! It was probably the hardest spin class I’ve ever been to; EVERY song was hard! We were dying but felt amazing at the end.


Then we picked up Dunks. I got my usual medium iced with one pump of pumpkin and skim milk.


And when we got home I made some maple brown sugar oats in my favorite little Anthropologie bowl!


Then we showered and left to go apple picking with Frankie’s parents. They’d never been apple picking before (they live in Baltimore and it’s not really a thing there) so they LOVED it. The first apple I picked went straight into my mouth.



Frankie’s mom, Frankie, and me!

When I got home I made a big salad with spring mix, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and a little light Italian dressing.


And I snacked on a Lemon Cream Pie Questie!


We picked so many apples so I decided to do some baking. I made these vegan pumpkin apple muffins! So fun and easy to make, and they turned out delicious.


Then I started getting ready for dinner and a night out! We went to a potential rehearsal dinner restaurant (one of my favorite Greek places in Boston) with Frankie’s parents and my mom and her boyfriend. It was so much fun and we got SO much food: hummus, tzatziki, spinach pie, brussels sprouts, shishito peppers, pumpkin fritters (!!!!), sesame seed-encrusted feta, stuffed grape leaves, artichoke moussaka, etc. etc. We also got a lot of wine and some ouzo!


After dinner we made our way to my and Frankie’s engagement party. We decided to have it at the bar/restaurant where we had our first date back in June, 2014. It was seriously the best night I’ve ever had. I was surrounded by all of my family and best friends and couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate our engagement 🙂 .

Well I’m off to go on a run in this beautiful fall weather. Hope you guys have a lovely Sunday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Who else is doing some grocery shopping and meal prepping today? What’s on the menu for this week?

Tell me your Sunday plans please!

❤ Marina


14 thoughts on “Vegan Pumpkin Apple Muffins and the BEST Night of My Life!

  1. Shisito peppers are the best! It sounds like your Saturday was a lovely one 🙂
    Both fortunately and unfortunately, not much grocery shopping or meal planning happening over here. Alex has work events all week so dinners are basically just going to use up whatever fresh food we have before our trip Friday. This Sunday’s plans include a 10 mile race (done!) and maybe a fall festival in Princeton.

    Have a fantastic Sunday!

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