Dunkin’ VS. Starbucks and the Most Filling Lunch!

Hey friends! Happy Tuesday. I hope you’ve had a healthy, productive start to your week!

I woke up at 6:45 yesterday and headed to the gym for an elliptical sesh. I did an hour-long hill program on the ArcTrainer while watching “Catfish” and picking out some wedding music, then I stretched and hopped in the shower.


Then I was off to work. I picked up Starbucks on my way in – I got a grande Blonde roast with a splash of almond milk and one pump of pumpkin! I think I like Dunkin’ Donuts’ pumpkin syrup better… but it was still delicious. I drank my coffee and ate maple brown sugar oats for breakfast.


Lunch was a salad with spring mix, half of the best avocado I’ve ever eaten, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and a little light Italian dressing drizzled on top, a low fat vanilla yogurt, and one of the HUGE apples I picked on Saturday.  I felt so full after eating all of this, but the good kind of full. It also helped to go on a half an hour walk after eating!


Around 3:00 I snacked on a Blueberry Cobbler Quest Hero bar. I know I’ve raved about Hero bars before but they are seriously better than candy. I can’t buy too many because I’m scared I will eat like ten in a row… I wish they were vegan though 😦 .


And at 4:00 it was yoga time at my company! It always feels great to end my workday with some stretching and flowing. I took the subway home after, and sipped on a Gingerade kombucha as soon as I got home. I felt like I hadn’t had kombucha in forever… I think it’d been like a week! So unlike me 😉 .


For dinner I cooked up a Sriracha stir fry with tofu, broccoli, snow peas, and baby carrots.


And for dessert I had some blueberries and one dark chocolate covered champagne gummy bear 😛 . I ate that while watching the new “Shark Tank” episode with Frankie, and I went to bed super early.

I had a productive, super healthy Monday and it felt good to stick to all of my goals 🙂 . Excited to keep it up today and throughout the rest of the week. See you guys tomorrow!!

Have you gone apple picking this season? What did you do with all of your apples? I made these pumpkin apple muffins, but I still have SO many apples left!

What is typically your biggest meal of the day? I think mine is usually dinner but I’m trying to make it lunch and eat the majority of my calories at the beginning of the day.

❤ Marina

33 thoughts on “Dunkin’ VS. Starbucks and the Most Filling Lunch!

  1. I don’t really eat big meals but instead eat all day long! Im so much more of a grazer than a meal person!

    We bought a bag of apples from the orchard last month and one of my fave things to do with them is to dice one, mix it with cinnamon, and microwave it for a few minutes! It kind of tastes like apple pie filling and is so delicious on a cold evening!

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  2. I tend to eat half my calories during the day and the other half at night. I’m trying eat more during the day but I have so much difficulty not eating in the evening, I think I’d end up eating twice as much.

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  3. I’m team Starbucks over Dunkin, although I haven’t had pumpkin spice at either one to figure it out (it’s just too hot for pumpkin anything here). I love apples but they’re not grown in this area, so I’ve never picked them, besides picking some out in the grocery store (haha). Catfish is a pretty awesome guilty pleasure gym show!

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  4. I like to throw tofu in my stir fry as well, but I can never get it quite right—I want it sort of crispy on the outside, but I still want it to take on the soy/teriyaki flavor. Yours looks about right—how do you cook it?

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  5. “Catfish” is one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows. It’s crazy how in depth some of the people go. I don’t think I have one meal that is consistently my biggest. It seems like somedays I’m starving right when I wake up and other days I’m starving before I go to bed and will snack a lot. Totally depends on the day for me!

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  6. I just went apple picking Sunday! So much fun! Also, this title made me laugh because my first choice is a local coffee shop. My second is Starbucks and I THOUGHT my third was dunkin. But on Sunday before apple picking I was desperate and had spent so much money that week on coffee I ‘settled’ for dunkin and discovered that their cold brew is fabulous!!! Like SO GOOD. I can’t believe it!


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