Coffee Makes Me Poop

Hey guys, TGIF!!

I woke up yesterday morning feeling exhausted and super congested. I didn’t sleep well and I felt so groggy when I woke up, that I decided to sleep in some more and then work from home (I didn’t have too many meetings). It was an excellent choice – I woke up three hours later feeling much better. I needed that! I don’t think I’ve been getting enough rest lately.

When I eventually woke up, I spent some time with Kiwi, fed him, and changed his water. Then I caught up on my work from the morning. I started to feel even better, so I figured I’d take a break from work and go to the gym. I felt like the elliptical again yesterday, so I did an hour of that!

I picked up Dunkin on my way home because I needed some energy to work for the rest of the afternoon. I was thinking about going into the office since I was feeling okay, but my couch sounded a lot better to me…


I also made lots of tea throughout the day. Yogi’s Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life is just so good. Like my mug (even though it was tea)?


I also had a Mocha Chocolate Chip Quest Bar when I finally got hungry. This one’s kind of new and I LOVE it! It tastes so good with your morning coffee.


I kept working, and decided to take a break to pick up some things from the grocery store. We have somehow been living without toilet paper and paper towels for the past two days (tissues FTW). So this was necessary. I picked up some delicious-looking Pink Lady apples and cut one up with some cinnamon as soon as I walked in my door.


I also picked up some Vitamin Water. I love this flava!


I worked the rest of the afternoon and was actually super productive because I didn’t have many distractions/meetings (besides my 3:00 pm with Kiwi, of course). I stopped working around 5:00 and walked to a yoga class! I took the same class with the same teacher as I did on Monday. So. Good.

I was starving by the time I got home, so I made a super quick, super simple bowl with a gigantic sweet potato, tons of baby spinach, and Sriracha. I am in need of a large grocery trip because I don’t really have any food in my apartment. But this was delicious.


And here’s a pic of Kiwi to kick off your Friday.


It was great having him as my little worker buddy today. I love taking care of another living thing and this makes me want to get my own animal (DOG?!) soon. I hope you have a great start to your weekend!

Are you a Yogi tea fan? What’s your fav kind?

Everyone has a favorite mug. Please describe your favorite mug to me in as much detail as possible.

❤ Marina

Say Hello to My Little Friend!!

Hey hey! Happy Thursday! We’re almost to the weekend…

I woke up yesterday and headed straight to the gym. I did an hour on the elliptical while watching Catfish and it felt great 🙂 . After the gym, I headed home to shower and get ready for the day.

When I got into work I had my Starbucks Blonde roast with a splash of almond milk and a Mixed Berry Bliss Quest Bar. Yum yum.


I’m in a “short story club” at work and we met during lunch today. This week’s story was “A Temporary Matter” by Jhumpa Lahiri. It’s about the gradual deterioration of a relationship and was really sad, but I enjoyed it, and it takes place in Boston! If you feel like a quick, depressing 12-pager, give it a read 😉 .

We ate lunch while discussing the story, and I didn’t have time to make a salad the night before so I just had some baby carrots, garlic hummus, a yogurt, and some big juicy strawbs. (Please excuse the photo – didn’t have a chance to capture a better one before our discussion began.)


And then I went for my walk. I took an hour and a half lunch break yesterday… oops! But when I got back to my desk I felt recharged and ready to take on the afternoon.

I tried out these Quest protein chips… They were weird. I don’t think I’m going to eat them again. They definitely had a good crunch and took care of my salty snack craving, but the aftertaste was absurd and now I feel a little too full/gassy (sorry, TMI). Don’t buy these.


I left work and picked up sweetgreen for my bf and me. Work has been crazy for him this week, but I told him I’d get us sweetgreen if he came home at a normal hour and worked from the couch. It worked 😉 . I got the Shroomami salad with a couple variations. Their portobellos are soooo good – I need to learn how they prepare them!


Then my sis and her boyfriend stopped by to drop off KIWI!!! Kiwi is their budgie and he is evil but is very loving deep down. He is my little friend and he will be staying with us for a week while my sister and her boyfriend are in California. Expect lots of Kiwi pics/updates.


And I spent the rest of the night watching Tuesday’s Bachelor in Paradise episode. Too good.

Hope you guys have the best Thursday!

Do you have a bird or know anyone who does? Tell me about him/her!

Are you a short story fan? Please send me any recommendations – I pick the next one!

❤ Marina

A Trip to Eataly and I was Naughty…

Hi guys! Happy hump day!

I woke up right at 6:00 yesterday morning with tons of energy (what??) so I hopped out of bed, put my workout clothes on (that I leave out for myself the night before), and headed to the gym. I did a one-hour hill climb on the bike. My legs were super tired from Monday’s activities but I pushed through!

I’m still wearing my boot for workouts but I’ll probably start wearing my shoe starting next week! I’m just so paranoid that I’m going to somehow slow the healing process if I tweak my foot in some way. I’ll keep you guys posted on how that goes. This week I’m going to keep alternating between the elliptical and the bike every morning, and maybe I’ll do another yoga class this weekend 😉 .

I drank my usual Starbucks when I got into the office and ate a Peanut Butter Supreme Quest Bar. I’ve been loving PB-flavored anything lately.

For lunch I had a salad with baby spinach, a couple handfuls of strawberries, the ripest avocado, carrots, and a light balsamic drizzled on top.

Then I got out for a little walk. I usually do this loop that starts along the river – it’s about 1.5 miles and it’s beautiful. I love getting outside in the middle of the day, otherwise I go a little crazy 😉 . The rest of my afternoon was filled with meetings and a little too much snacking (I was a bottomless pit yesterday for some reason). Naughty Marina…

I left work around 5:00 and met my sis at Boston’s Eataly to find a birthday present for my dad. He has absolutely everything so he is the hardest person to get gifts for! But he loves cooking, so we were able to find some crazy, two-foot long pasta and this interesting-looking ginger olive oil.

Then we met up with our boyfriends and all headed to my dad’s birthday dinner. We went to this authentic sushi restaurant where we took our shoes off and sat in a private area. It was… okay. Haha. They didn’t have the best veg options but I ate some edamame and other veggies, and split the veggie roll with my bf.

I’m ready for a super healthy hump day with no mindless snacking like yesterday 🙂 hope you have a good one! See you tomorrow.

What’s your fav kind of sushi roll?

Have you ever been to an Eataly? The one in NYC is much larger/more well-known, but I’m loving the one in Boston.

❤ Marina

(: Namaste :)

Hi! We got through Monday, woohoo.

I could not believe that it was time to wake up when my alarm went off yesterday morning – it felt like the middle of the night! I really need to get better at going to bed/waking up earlier on weekends. Monday mornings have been ROUGH.

But anyways, I forced myself to get out of bed and go to the gym. I did an hour on the elliptical and actually had a ton of energy once I got going – probably from all of my recent indulgences 😉 . It felt so good to drip sweat and detox out the weekend. Perfect start to the week!!


I stretched, walked home, showered, and hopped on the subway to go to work. I picked up Starbucks on my way into the office, and ate a PB&J Quest Bar for b-fast.


My morning was filled with meetings and catching up on emails, so it flew by. OH ALSO – I’m standing at my desk again! This is big news for me… I hate sitting all day and my foot feels totally okay to stand! YAY! Around noon I ate a super simple salad I brought – baby spinach, avocado, carrots, and balsamic.


And then I got out for a short walk along the river. I’m trying to build up my calf muscle strength so a midday walk was on the agenda. When I got back, I snacked on a Pink Lady apple.


I was super productive at work today 🙂 . I love starting the week off on a productive note. I left the office a bit earlier than usual to make it to…


A YOGA CLASS!!!!!!! For those of you who know me, you know how important yoga is to me and how much I’ve missed it these past six weeks!! Well, I tried doing some chaturangas on Sunday and my foot felt fine, so I figured I’d sign up for a class. It was incredible… both mentally and physically. And my foot only bothered me in a couple of poses, which I was able to modify. I’ve missed yoga so much!

I walked home after class and was craving some booch. I sipped on a Health-Ade Pink Lady Apple kombucha while making din.


Din was a big curry bowl with tofu, cauliflower, peas, and TJ’s red curry sauce. It totally hit the spot.


The rest of the night was spent snuggling up on the couch watching Bachelor in Paradise. I was honestly more excited for BIP than The Bachelorette, so thank goodness it’s starting up again! It already seems like it’s going to be so drama-filled. Yesssss.

I hope you guys have had a great start to your week. See you bright and early tomorrow!

Do you watch Bachelor in Paradise? Are you as excited as I am?

Do you consider yourself a yogi? 🙂 

Random question: I’m looking for some cute, comfortable, good-for-your-feet shoes. Any recs? 

❤ Marina

The Laziest Sunday EVER and This Week’s Goals!

Hi guys, happy Monday! I’m excited for a new week.

I woke up slightly hungover yesterday, so I spent the morning taking it easy and hanging out with the bf. We were starving so we went to our favorite coffee spot and picked up breakfast sandwiches. This is the best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had – a plain bagel with rosemary potato eggs, cheddar cheese, and spinach.


We seriously had the laziest day ever. We spent the rest of the day watching a hundred Friends episodes. We took a break to bake some vegan chocolate chip cookies – super easy and I had all the ingredients. I’m bringing these to work so I’m not tempted by them at my apartment!


Later on we went to Whole Foods to pick up snacks (I got some pineapple) and ingredients for dinner – our day literally revolved around food, haha.


We got ingredients to make a Greek salad – cucumbers, super ripe tomatoes, red onion, feta, and kalamata olives. We made a simple dressing with olive oil, lemon juice, and dried oregano. We also got some pita bread and tzatziki. Such a yummy din!


We were so lazy that we didn’t even go to our friends apartment to watch GoT (we go every Sunday). We decided to pick up some ice cream and watch at our place instead – I forgot to take a pic because I was too excited to eat it 😉 .

Such a relaxing, lazy, indulgent Sunday over here… I hope you guys had a great day and weekend! I gotta get back on track with my eating/workouts, so here are my goals for the upcoming week:

  1. Eat clean, healthy foods and do not overeat! No mindless snacking!
  2. Drink 12 cups of water a day.
  3. Exercise at least six days of the week.
  4. Walk 10,000 steps a day.
  5. Get at least seven hours of sleep a night.
  6. Don’t weigh myself until Friday.
  7. Be super productive at work!
  8. Keep a positive mindset 🙂 .

Hope you guys have a great Monday and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Do you usually make your own salad dressing or buy a bottle? 

Tell me one or two of your goals for the week!

❤ Marina

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila…

Hey guys! Happy Sunday. I hope you’ve been enjoying your weekend!

I slept in a bit yesterday and when I woke up I headed to the gym. One hour on the bike for me – I did an “aerobic” program while watching Superbad and it went by really fast. I decided to wear my boot for my workout and might keep doing this for the next week or two (my foot still feels a little sore). Then I grabbed Dunks and walked home.


I still had so much energy for some reason so I blasted some Craig David (throwback!) and deep cleaned the entire apartment. I like doing a deep clean once a month but it takes FOREVER! I cleaned for three hours straight.

Then I jumped in the shower and did a face mask. Self care FTW. And I realized I hadn’t eaten anything all day (it was 3:00 at that point) so I grabbed a Cinnamon Roll Quest Bar and went on a walk with my boyfriend.


We did some shopping and of course we had to pick up some David’s Tea. I got green passionfruit.


My cousin’s in town so I went out to dinner with him, my boyfriend, my sis, and her boyfriend. We sat outside and I got a glass of pinot grigio and a watermelon salad – YUM! It was great to catch up with the cuz.


Then we headed to my friend’s birthday party. I drank a little too much (starting with tequila shots is never a good idea) but it was so much fun!

I’m ready for a super healthy, detoxifying Sunday! Hope you guys have the best day.

How often do you deep clean your apartment/house? And do you like cleaning? I love it.

What’d you do last night?!

❤ Marina






Hey hey!!!

I woke up yesterday morning (at 5:00 am) and decided to weigh myself since I haven’t done that in a couple of weeks. And I haven’t lost/gained any lbs since last weigh-in! I stayed just about the same, and I’m totally okay with that. BUT since I’m going on vacation in Spain in just about two weeks, I think I’d like to lose just about two more pounds before then 🙂 . Expect another weigh-in a week from today!

Then I headed to the gym. I felt like the elliptical again so I did an hour on the elliptical. I somehow had a ton of energy at 5:30 am and was able to push really hard. 700 calories burned woot woot.


Then I stretched a bit, went home and showered, and my boyfriend kindly drove me to my orthopedic surgeon appointment. My mom (best mom in the world) met me there and hung out with me through my X-ray and consultation with the doc. The doctor showed me my X-rays and said that my healing has been absolutely perfect and that I am ready to DITCH THE BOOOOOOT.


He said I can literally do anything now, but advised that I maybe shouldn’t run a marathon tomorrow. I think I’m okay with that. Walking feels THE WEIRDEST and my calf muscle has shrunken to a skinny little noodle. But that’s okay – I will get back to normal soon! I’m just so so so happy that I don’t have to wear that boot 24/7 and sleep in it! (I haven’t gotten a good night of sleep in 1.5 months.)

I might still wear the boot at the gym for another week or so. I don’t feel completely comfortable exerting a lot of energy/force with my regular shoe quite yet. I am also going to create a new workout plan (possibly including some yoga classes) soon, so stay tuned for that. But for now, I’m going to go to the gym and do whatever I feel like that day. I’ll continue to include all my workouts here!

My mom drove me straight to work after my appointment, and I grabbed Starbucks before heading into the office.


I felt like a celebrity walking to my desk; everyone was ecstatic about the fact that I had a shoe on instead of my boot, and it made me so happy to see how much my coworkers notice/care 🙂 .

I had to do some quick prep for another accessibility test so I didn’t have time to eat anything until noon-ish. I had a Banana Nut Muffin Quest Bar and then was able to get outside for a walk.


It was great to get some fresh air before an afternoon full of more tests, but my calf muscle completely cramped up on my walk. I was tempted to take a Lyft back to the office (because I was about 3/4 mile away) but I made it back. I think my calf just needs to get used to having a purpose again.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur, but I was able to take a break for a Pink Lady apple around 4:00.


And I left the office soon after. I headed to a hair appointment and got my hair “glazed” and got a trim. I absolutely love my hair dresser – we can chat forever. My appointment was a solid two hours long, so it’s a good thing we get along so well 😉 . And they have the best tea!


I got home around 7:30 and was absolutely starving so my boyfriend and I headed to our nearby sushi joint for some drinks and din.


I got white wine and the veggie combo with a sweet potato tempura roll, inari, and a veggie roll. So much food – I brought home some good leftovers!


Then we stopped by a friend’s apartment. He has a really cool roof deck so we hung out up there and talked for a few hours. It was a fun Friday night!

I hope you guys have a great day today!!

Have you ever worn a cast? How was it readjusting to normal life?

When was the last time you got your hair cut? And do you dye it or keep it au naturale? 

❤ Marina